General Info

General Information Services

I-PAC Members respond to requests from interested agencies for information on accreditation. This response ranges from telephone conversations to visits and presentations to a department or City, Village, or County Board.  Agencies interested in accreditation should e-mail the president.

Accreditation Plan Development and Support

Agencies can request I-PAC to assist the agency in developing an accreditation plan. This can include a site visit, a review of facilities and general orders, and interviews with agency personnel.  This service includes training of the agency accreditation personnel and on-going technical assistance as it is needed.  Agencies can request this assistance by contacting the president.


We offer training at most monthly meetings.  Training can range from informal presentations by experienced accreditation managers to formal classes presented by Accreditation staff.

Mock Assessments

In the membership fees, we offer a “mock” assessment to agencies going through the accreditation process.  Other requirements apply to this service.  Your assigned Vice-President will be your contact person to help you get this set up.